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A Thank You for the 121212 Concert
Sandy Relief

Jeff Rabouin is a writer living and working in central NJ and was front and center when Hurricane Sandy stormed her way through New Jersey and New York on October 29th. Along with script development, Jeff maintains two online blogs and this week dedicated one of them to an article expressing his appreciation to the musicians, support staff, tech crews and sponsors of 121212, the Concert for Sandy Relief. As Jeff is also one of our Board Members at LSP and our Executive Creative Director, we wanted to reproduce that blog column on our pages and add our thanks to all who have helped by making donations to assist Sandy’s victims. Jeff’s original column can be found at

Sandy ReliefIn the days and weeks after the Hurricane, the devastation left behind in so many areas of the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut coastlines revealed the reality that a recovery from 24 hours of destruction will take years, not months.

Areas I vacationed at as a child and as a teen, are now unrecognizable. Homes of friends at the New Jersey shoreline are literally empty, sand piled lots. The houses that once stood, becoming heaps of broken lumber and twisted pipe, floating with broken debris until shattering the next house in line. Broken gas lines erupting into bellowing flames, whose own destruction seemed relentless in the rainy high winds stoking the resulting fires.

Left behind are empty lots, mountains of debris, cinders and charred earth, and the haunting lines etched from piled sand and flood waters marked across every structure still standing.

Entire states were left reeling to cope with weeks without power, limited gas supplies, and an avalanche of broken trees, downed power lines, smashed cars and crushed walls and rooflines.

And people were left too. Many homeless. Many without even the tiniest scraps of the life they had the day before the storm. They need help to rebuild even as they are determined to claim their lives back no matter the challenge.

Sandy ReliefIn just a single night, a group of sponsors, musicians and an army of tech and show support staged 121212, the Concert for Sandy Relief. Unfortunately, benefit concerts for troubles around the globe are becoming a staple of any musical act’s résumé. The shows and the televised donation drives that accompany them are almost too numerous to list from memory. Even the artists seem to becoming staples of the “benefit circuit”, a tour stop that seems to be insidiously working its way into our entertainment culture.

I can only hope that the trend stops here. That it stops with last night’s nearly six hour performance from New York City’s Madison Square Garden. It would be a fitting way to go out.

Last night’s 121212 concert was magnificent. It wasn’t a perfect night, it didn’t need to be. It was a live event that felt at once like a happening and a well executed invasion. An army of musical care givers assembled to enlist a world to help in the cause.

Sandy ReliefProfessional and heart felt, I was gratified by both the caliber of the artists that came and the energy that each brought to the stage. There is nothing more I can say to any of them – Musicans, Support Staff and Technical crews – than thank you. I can only hope they know how deeply that thanks is felt.

To all of the network and cable stations who shelved scheduled programming to carry the concert live, to Madison Square Garden, to the police and security around the venue, and to the sponsors that made the event possible, thank you. And to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, for organizing donations and all of the good work you do, thank you.

Here’s a list of last night’s sponsors – support them with your business. And of course you can still donate to Sandy relief by going to this website: You can buy a copy of the event poster pictured above there as well. And you can pre-order the official concert recordings on Apple’s iTunes. Of course, any thing you buy is a donation.

And for that, another deeply heart felt thanks to everyone who added to those donations. It was an extraordinary night.

Sandy Relief

Last night’s sponsors were: (in no particular order) Chase, GE, Samsung Galaxy, State Farm, BlackRock, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, Verizon Foundation, Clear Channel, iHeart Radio, The Madison Square Garden Company, Robin Hood and The Weinstein Company.
Photos by Lucas Jackson courtesy of Reuters, logos and concert poster image courtesy

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