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Member Spotlight Form

Share Your Story!

We encourage all members of the LSP to share the stories of their show production experiences. These stories will become part of the Member Spotlight section of the LSP web site.

The process will start with a submission. This will allow the LSP to review the information before posting it live to the site.

Below you will find spaces to enter the primary information of your show or event. Additionally, we have provided a larger text box for you to share longer explanations and more details. Here are some suggestions for content when you get to that section – feel free to use any or all of them, or even add your own:

  • What makes this show or event special?
  • What unique challenges did you face and how were they overcome?
  • Is this an event you produce on a regular basis? If so, how do you keep things fresh?
  • What new technologies did you take advantage of?
  • What green initiatives did this show participate in?
  • What positives about the show’s venue could you share?
  • What special shareholders or authorities did you have to work with?
  • What client contacts would you like to bring attention to?
  • What staff/crew members would you like to bring attention to?
  • What vendor(s) would you like to bring attention to?
  • Was there one specific item in your budget that got out of control or surprised you?
  • Did you have to contend with weather issues? If so, how did you cope with or overcome them?
  • How did being a member of LSP help?
  • Please provide any additional content you believe adds to the story: