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About the LSP

We Are The LSP

About the LSP

Red Bull Air Race in Monument Valley, Utah. Produced by Chris Homsley at Motion Pacific Group.
Photo courtesy Red Bull GmbH 2007.

Recognizing that the Live Show Producer is one of the very few entertainment disciplines not represented or protected by a guild or union, Live Show Producers was created to fill that longstanding void. The LSP was formed by Live Show Producers and associates of live show production to provide a nexus for the Producing community to meet, share and benefit from the successes of fellow Producers.

This Guild is also charged with brokering strategic partnerships with key players in the world of production to provide members with discounted access to personal health insurance, special coverage and liability insurance and numerous other products and services. And finally, we are establishing a level of accreditation through vetting and continuing education that will identify the L.S.P. member as an endorsed professional who subscribes to the highest level of commitment to show quality, safety, and professional excellence.

We Are On A Mission

“Committed to providing a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to their craft, the tools and opportunities for continued safety, education, excellence and employment.”

We Are Committed

  • Proudly represent the Production Management Team
  • Provide discounted personal and family heath insurance
  • Provide discounted general liability and special coverage insurance
  • Provide annual continuing education in Live Show Production best practices, safety, the law, code compliance, new technologies, trends, and improving client satisfaction
  • Facilitate a 24/7/365 Production Resource for supporting Live Show needs – whatever they may be
  • Facilitate “Jobs Posting” forums for those looking to hire and those looking to be hired
  • Provide a community for connecting, sharing and supporting the Producer and Production Team
  • Continue to enhance, advance and improve everything we are committed to above

We Represent

The Production Team is comprised of individuals with the overarching responsibility of the success of the Live Show. Its members include the Producer and other contributors who facilitate the job of the Producer and/or are aligned in a career path to become a Producer.

  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Associate Producer
  • Production Management
    • Project Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Tour Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Director of Operations
    • Technical Director
    • Production Stage Manager
    • Stage Manager
    • Assistant Stage Manager

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